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Do you know the wipe pulse for lighting?

In this building someone left “a few” lights on. I hope it is only for the night that Teun was around there with his camera! In the Netherlands, they introduced the “veegpuls” as a solution already the last century. At lunch and closing time all the lights are switched off centrally (the pulse). A few lamps are left on (if needed) to avoid dangerous situations. Who still needs the light, stands up, walks over to the switch and goes back to work. How would this building look like with this solution? How many buildings have the same problem? How much can we save on a global scale? Isn’t it a great idea for each retrofit that is already planned? I didn’t hear much about it in other countries. I would like to hear if you saw this solution and if you like the result. Please write it in the comment!

Photo by Teun van Wakeren on Unsplash

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