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What is a step up heat transformer?

Do you have a heat waste stream of 90°C and need to heat up another process at a higher temperature, for + 40 degrees? Read further! There are many industries with heat waste at a medium temperature and at the same time a heat demand on a higher temperature. I was myself in a well known food industry in Italy. They sterilised soup packages at 127°C. They were forced to discard the heat stream from cooling them and purchase 100% the heat demand for cooking the soup upstreams. There are many examples, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and refinery sectors. They forget about the Heat Transformer, which is a kind of heat pump that requires a minimum of electrical energy and is mainly driven by the waste heat stream. The European Commission spent a lot of money on research and the results are available. There are even calculators to make the first assessment. If you want to know more, subscribe to the newsletter on the Link Tree: looking for the “Newsletter” leaf.

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