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Covid19 … End of Energy Transition?

Renewable Energy continues to get much attention, even during the Covid crisis. That is very positive. Less positive is that Energy Efficiency is really out of the radar. And it is still a necessary complement of Renewable Energy, because we don’t want to WASTE that clean energy. So what is the problem? Energy Efficiency is composed of tailor made solutions: every situation is different, so it is more labour intensive. When there are so few Energy Managers, who has to do this job? Right! The energy consultant. But, say the industrials, he brings the virus into our company, so let’s do it another time. What do I answer? That I am starting to do energy #RemoteConsultancy, because the show must go on! Like senior surgeons do an operation on distance, in cooperation with a local team in another part of the world. And my question to you is: what do you think are the (dis)advantages of such a service? Don’t remain silent if you care about the Energy Transition, I am looking forward to your reply.

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