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Energy policy or Energy Police?

This disturbing title is nothing else than a general rule of life: procrastinators get into problems. In this case the question is: do we want to follow the warnings of authorities like the International Energy Agency ( or we procrastinate so that the next generation will have to deal with the “Milieupolitie” or Environmental Police, like the one in the Netherlands, which has already Energy Efficiency in their task list. For example Energy Efficiency Opportunities with payback time below 5 years can become an obligation in certain cases. Let’s look better at the warning that came in today as an IEA mail, from Alyssa Fischer, Energy Efficiency Policy Analyst. It is related to the COP26 and says “Massive improvements in efficiency are needed to achieve net-zero targets.” Energy efficiency represents more than 40% of the emissions abatement needed by 2040. Read for yourself at Please look for more information on policy but also to many concrete solutions at my beautiful link tree

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