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Are you part of technical staff in an organisation with a high energy bill?

Do you want to grow in your position and skills?

Are you concerned about environment and energy supply tomorrow?

Are you living anywhere on this planet, in a more or less developed economy?

If yes, then read on!

We have 3 decades of experience in the energy management field and visited many companies and factories around the world. We agree with the International Energy Agency ( that the development of Energy Efficiency is very sluggish, compared with Renewable Energy. Birdseye has an opinion about one of its major causes. It is because the assignment of energy management is mostly assigned to regular technical staff, which is not prepared for this multidisciplinary and complex task. 

Energy Efficiency, which is called the Invisible Fuel (The Economist, Jan 2015) has to fill the gap of the The Energy Dilemma (Schneider Electric), that is: in 2050 we want twice as much energy as in 2020 but we need to half the CO2 emissions.

So, it is time to put more Energy Managers at work. But first we have to find them. Birdseye thinks that the middle technical management in millions of organisations needs to be quickly enabled to become energy Manager. In this period of Covid19, many technical specialists will be glad and may have more time to learn the skillset and expand their chances on the job market.

That's why we teamed up with LEARNWORLDS to create a unique Energy Management School for the Green Recovery. We offer (strong) discounts for developing countries, in line with their purchasing power. We think Energy Efficiency is especially important for quickly growing economies and want to support that.

Check the 5 unique features of our practical and empowering course in the video! 

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This is the motor of my Energy Management course. I am thrilled about the kind Customer Support. 

The platform includes:

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  • Marketing

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  • and much more

All under one hood. 

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