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We don’t need only academic Energy Managers!

Energy Efficiency improvement is different for each situation. Therefore we need many Energy Managers. What I see is that we move between two extremes. 1. Assigning Energy Management tasks to non prepared technical employees. Nothing happens, especially if no additional time budget is given to these technical employees. 2. Certified Energy Managers and Auditors are engaged. That is very good but many times they don’t have a team. I have an example of a high level Energy Manager of a huge hospital, which had to focus on issues with billing and saved much money in this way. However, no time was left for hunting Energy Conservation Opportunities. And he was alone. What is the way out here? The answer is: Capacity Building on a more practical level. In this way, the high level Energy Manager will have a team with capable members, ideally technical employees that already know the enterprise! For the smaller organisations (which cannot justify a full time Energy Engineer), a technical employee can follow a compact course and learn by doing. In both cases, much benefits are obtained that justify the effort. Please follow the other blogs on my Link Tree and click on the leaf “Newsletter” to subscribe for high level content every 14 days.

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