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Three solutions for a cool summer 2021

Are you already worrying about the coming summer, how to keep your place and products cool? Want to avoid the situation of last summer? On March 15 I published an article about my webinar for the Indian Government. I proposed an innovative approach of 3 new technologies & business models. Specifically it was the combination of 1. A chiller with ice storage rather than a chiller with a big electric battery; 2. Dynamic electricity tariffs instead of only night/day and 3. If suitable, an Internal Combustion Engine (let’s avoid the abbreviation ICE :-) as driver of the chiller instead of the electric motor. The engine heat goes into an additional (absorption) chiller. The Indian participants were interested in my recommendation to start pilot projects with this double/triple innovation for consumers where Security of cold Supply is essential. For example hospitals, food logistic centres, hotels. What about your situation, what do you expect this summer? Learn how to stay cool and subscribe to my 14-day newsletter by clicking “Newsletter” on the Link Tree at

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