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International Energy Agency: Energy efficiency jobs and the recovery (2 min. read)

The International Energy Agency ( states in its article “Energy efficiency jobs and the recovery” on that Energy Efficiency is to become one of largest job markets in several countries. In USA and EU, it is estimated to be 0.5 - 1 %. This is no surprise, as Energy Efficiency is labor intensive: every situation is different. It is good news, as Energy Efficiency has multiple benefits: saving money; comfort and climate. However, the Covid-19 crisis endangers funds for this sector because much is going to relief funds. Let’s take care here: jobs created in this sector will last longer. Especially the Energy Manager has a key role as the specialist that is in most cases working for one employer, knows the situation there well and can hunt one Energy Conservation Opportunity (ECO) after the other. It is the job of the future. If this resonates with you, please visit the beautiful link tree at and click on the leaf “Newsletter”.

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