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Financing energy efficiency.

Energy Managers are like Swiss Army knifes: they must have many skills.

Finding financing for Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) is one of them. Here is how this article helps them. Lack of finance for ECMs is one of the reasons that Energy Efficiency is developing slowly. And yet, the financial performance and security of ECMs is one of the best on the investment horizon. Moreover, there ARE official instruments to help to show that.

The European Commission site shows many ways how to find (also private) money for Energy Efficiency and how to convince investors of the financial quality of ECMs. Can you imagine the impact of an Energy Manager, which is aware of this information, on decision-makers? How it will enable approval of more ECMs and hitting the goals in 2030? Is it now clear that Energy Managers must be part of the overall management of an organisation, according to ISO 50’001? Energy Managers can have a bright future in the post-Covid economy.

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