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Don’t do, delegate !

Energy Efficiency is behind on Renewable Energy as I mentioned. How can we change that? What about just delegating it to your new Energy Manager? Then it will depart “automatically”! And how? Like Schneider Electric states, on the long run the Energy Manager will save for your organisation up to 30% in 3 phases: 1. Passive Energy Efficiency (like new tech with higher conversion efficiency, insulation, …); 2. Active Energy Efficiency (automated switching, human behaviour, setpoints); 3. Monitoring and maintaining savings. And how do you get quickly an Energy Manager, but a real one? Not a general technical person that has Energy Efficiency as a “nice if” task, if there is time over! I would say, select from your technical staff an enthusiast and educate her/him with a compact course. Birdseye is soon launching one online. For pre launch news, visit

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