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Datacenters and Energy Managers

Datacenters are not always the huge buildings with only computers inside. So many companies have an own datacenter. Less energy consuming than the big ones, but there are more of them, and they are hungry, too. The Dutch newspaper Financial Dagblad of 22 Januari 2021 tells about the many datacenters in the Netherlands, which can save up to 70% with a not too complex approach, as Patricia Lago, Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam explains. Like four example Mark Spronk of Airport Schiphol tells, saving 13% by putting the servers in an automatic economy mode. Another measure is to organise more tasks on less computers. Birdseye would like to add the optimisation of the cooling system. Moreover, Birdseye thinks that more Energy Manager are needed to find this Invisible Fuel. Who else?

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