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Compressed air at only one pressure?

By now, you know already what I think about having more Energy Managers in society. Don’t think I cannot talk about other things! There is so much potential for improvement in Energy Efficiency, even if we look only to the manufacturing industry. You will surely appreciate if I include that into my blogs. Let’s start with compressed air. I am amazed to see it only at one single pressure network, even in the largest factories with over 2000 employees and 5 or 6 large compressors in a row. There is 7 bar everywhere. However, I was in a cookie factory, where more than half of this air was used for cleaning the crumbs from the machines. You don’t need 7 bar for that! Compressed air is a very expensive form of energy and it would be much cheaper if part of it were supplied also at a lower pressure, where appropriate. It is like providing water at two temperatures. Can you imagine having only one tap for hot and not for cold water, all over the factory, and also home? How long would it take for you to realise that and fix such a situation? To know more about this idea and the options of double pressured air networks and many other new ideas, sign up to the newsletter at the following link.

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